We heat naturally

We are a Portuguese brand that commercializes wood pellets,
produced in Portugal, for the most
diverse market segments.

We intend to increase every day the
number of Rubro pellets users, industrially, commercially and residentially.

In Rubro, we believe that our product can be allied to the creation of a better world.


We believe that our product is an answer for the individual needs and demands, but also,
a global solution.

Besides promoting your comfort and a reduced environmental impact,
RUBRO embraces the
futures of its most
diverse consumers.
Your future.

Rubro is a brand of group

Certified Quality

Our product distinguishes itself by the gross calorific values and reduced percentages of ashes and fines.

We ensure the maximum quality of our product, certified with the ENplus A1 seal.

Wood Pellets RUBRO is a 100% Natural premium quality product, ecological and made from renewable raw materials.

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For the warmest

With no smoke or odours
Clean and sustainable
100% Natural
... we heat

High Calorific Power

The RUBRO Pellets can be easily aquired
in inumerous selling points in Portugal
and abroad.

Our pellets are provided in 15 kgs bags,
big-bags and in bulk.

In case you want to aquire RUBRO Wood Pellets and you have doubts on where you
can buy it, contact us!


Near you

Zona Industrial Casal da Areia, Rua B, Lote 81
2460-396 Cós Alcobaça . Portugal


Rubro is a brand of group